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My NBA 2k18 Hack – Credits Cheats 2018

My NBA 2k18 is a companion app for the most-popular NBA 2K franchise. However, it is different than the genre as it also functions as its own game. My NBA 2k18 is packed with innumerable features like the ability to scan your face into NBA 2K18 from your mobile device as well as opportunities to earn in-game currency every day and for that you may need the help of our My NBA 2k18 Hack tool.

My NBA2k18 Hack

Also, My NBA 2K18 will enable you to stay in touch with NBA 2K18 on Xbox One and PS4. You can collect your favorite NBA player cards and legends to challenge other players in playoff tournaments, quick games, and special events.

By signing up daily, you can earn team packs that can be distributed to teammates. Ensure that you complete the daily objectives every single day so that you can earn rewards. These rewards can be used for finding new and better players and for improving the ones that you already have.

My NBA 2K18 has a card-battling game where you need to make a team of five NBA players, make them play against opponent players, plan their moves, and earn in-game currencies. Your main objective in the game is to win as many cards and matches as possible. Otherwise you cans imply use My NBA 2k18 Hack and even if you loose you will still have plenty of resources.

Farming Games:

In the beginning of the game, it is advisable to play games only for acquiring new players and cards. Winning the game is not important here; all you need to pay attention is to complete the game and earn rewards which can also be generated with My NBA 2k18 Cheats. As soon as you complete specific set of games, you will be able to unlock special rewards. So, keep farming games and earning rewards! These rewards will be very helpful for you in the advanced stages of the game.

Quick Game Matches:

The Quick Game matches will enable you to earn extra Energy that can be used for your team. A challenging Quick Game mode is the Head 2 Head mode that provides limited number of games for you to play. These games can be recharged over time. The reward that you earn by winning this mode is Spin a Wheel.

Match Players Well:

An important aspect that you need to follow while building your lineup is to match players well. Each player should be placed in its respective position so that they can showcase their abilities properly. If you do not make them stand in the right positions, then they will end up spending lot of energy and it will cause stat drops.

Plan Strategies:

Playing the game strategically will let you climb the ladder faster and make you achieve success. Try to understand the pattern that other teams are following and learn from them. Usually, players put up the common players in the first and second round and keep the rare cards for later use. This tactic will let you succeed well in the game.

Sacrifice Cards:

Every match that you play will reward you with something, which will let you expand your team considerably. As you keep playing, you will collect many cards and most of them will be common cards. These cards will not be of any help to you. So, the best way to make use of the common cards is by sacrificing cards and improving the stats of cards that you want to keep. Granting experience and levels to a card is the easiest way to power up your team.

Combine Cards:

This strategy is especially for those players who have acquired some rare cards. If you have two same types of cards that are at maximum level then you should combine cards to create a Pro version of that particular player card. The Pro players are very strong as they will have amazing stats and higher abilities.

In short, combining cards is the best way to acquire success in the game. You should try to make as many Pro cards as possible. Whenever a Pro player’s level is drained out, then you can supercharge them to increase their levels. This will enhance their level cap and can eventually become the ultimate player.

Acquiring Elite Card:

The finest way to acquire new cards is by completing Mission Tasks. When you complete a Mission Task, you will earn rewards in the form of Tickets. These Tickets can be used for buying mission packs from the Ticket Store. There will be different varieties of mission packs available in the store and depending on your budget, you can buy them. However, one thing is for sure that expensive packs will enhance the chances of acquiring an ultra rare or elite card.

Login Daily:

You can earn login rewards by signing into the game every day. Some of the items that you can acquire as rewards are virtual Credits and free reward packs. When you login for four consecutive days, you can get rare or uncommon cards as rewards. By signing into the game for eight days, you will surely get a rare or ultra rare card. When you login to the game for at least 20 times in a month, you can acquire an ultra rare or an elite card.

Watch Videos:

By watching videos, you will be able to earn plenty of rewards. As soon as you finish playing a game, you will be able to watch a video for acquiring two cards. So, you must watch a video at that time so that you can procure two cards quickly. This will increase your chances of finding better cards and expand the amount of cards that you have in the game.

Chat With Friends:

The chat room facility is a great way to stay in touch with other gamers. You can discuss important stuff regarding the game and gain lot of information from other players. May be you will end up learning something useful that will enhance your gameplay.


Credits are the in-game currency that is used for customizing your players, unlocking shoes, clothes, etc. You can earn Credits by playing several quick games. When you connect your game to your Xbox Live account, you can earn Credits for free.

Listed Below Are Some Important Aspects Of My NBA 2k18:

  • The greatest benefit of using My NBA 2k18 smartphone app is that you can make amendments for your official game on NBA 2k18.
  • The unique Face Scan feature is a hit among gamers as they enjoy scanning their face.
  • The rewards and tickets earned in the game by completing daily-tasks can be used for redeeming gifts from the store.
  • There are a range of Cards that you can collect in the game like Epic cards, Elite, Epic Prime, Rare, Common and Uncommon ones.
  • Playoffs, Quick Game and PVP are the different modes of play available in the game that will surely keep you hooked to your screens.
  • My NBA 2k18 hack is now compatible with this game.

To conclude, My NBA 2k18 is an addictive basketball simulation game where you need to compete for cards, use strategies and figure out the best matchups. If you play well, then you will be able to earn plenty of Reward Points and Credits. And if you don’t want to worry about these resources simply choose My Nba 2k18 hack. This game franchise has gained a lot of popularity since many years.

My NBA 2k18 includes brand new cards, unique objectives and new methods to improve your cards. So, you are sure to find something new in this sequel. The game has acquired 4 out of 5 Stars on the rating chart and the best way to enjoy the game is by using My NBA 2k18 hack. So, give it a shot!



My NBA 2k18 Hack